Project Management


  • Program development including defining implementation standards and the preparation of construction specifications.
  • Develop overall budget and cash flow projections by performing site audits and tower mapping.
  • Direct selection of material and equipment suppliers and establish procurement methodology for long term design, fabrication and installation.
  • Visit potential sites and evaluate property options to determine construction feasibility, associated costs, design/construction time frames and to identify design/construction alternatives.
  • Manage all Third Party engineering, NEPA and testing.
  • Manage the FAA/FCC process.
  • Provide expert testimony on design and construction issues for zoning hearings.
  • Architectural and Engineering Functions for plan preparation and distribution.
  • Provide complete accounting administration for all purchasing and payables to Third Party Vendors.
  • Manage design and construction for switch facilities and power plants.
  • Manage equipment installation, optimization and maintenance.
  • Produce design and construction time duration schedules and detailed tracking reports.
  • Manage and direct actual field construction process.
  • Tower and equipment procurement, warehousing, and installation.
  • Provide construction quality inspections and punch-lists.
  • Provide all As-Built plans and close-out documents.

Site acquisition has always been one of the cornerstones of network build-outs. However, the site acquisition process has changed radically over the last 10 years. It is no longer possible to construct a network plan based strictly on radio engineering criteria. Zoning and planning laws now govern the location of wireless facilities in most areas of the country.

These regulations must be taken into account before the system design has been set in stone. To do otherwise creates the risk of delayed launches and gaps in coverage. An early convergence between the RF design plan and the zoning/planning environment is now a necessity. A site that has no chance of local regulatory approval is no site at all.

CMS understands the changes that have taken place in our business, and we are prepared to deal proactively with these changes. We pay particular attention to the local environments in which we work, and we help to build the network design around them.

Further, we realize the difference between attractive paperwork and a good site. It takes experience to find the best sites. We have that experience and we will find the best ones possible…site after site.

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